Welcome to Winston & Co Pet Collective

(Formerly known as Winston & Co Pet Bakery before our recent re-brand.)

Who is Winston?

The most handsome and fun loving toy poodle with a cheeky personality. A total foodie who will give you the biggest puppy dog eyes to get a treat.

Winston’s faves: Puffed Pork & Lamb Bites, Pigs Ears, Beef Liver, PB & Pretzels

Who is Co?

Jade – registered nurse by day and crazy dog mum always! The one who does all the work while Winston supervises and taste tests. The one who hand-makes treats, makes peanut butter and does all the rest to ensure your pup gets nothing but the best!

Cameron – if you’ve seen us at the markets he’s the one helping me set up and pack down while I boss him around. He also runs to the post office to drop off all of your parcels, packs treats and supports my dream 100%.

Winston & Co was formed on the Gold Coast, Queensland in 2019 originally to provide fresh, natural and no added nasties biscuits and a birthday cake for Winston’s first birthday. From there the idea for Winston & Co began and we haven’t looked back since. We love seeing pups all over Australia enjoying our treats and couldn’t be more grateful for you supporting our small business.

We pride ourselves on providing natural, no added nasties handmade baked treats and 100% Australian sourced and made single protein dehydrated and freeze dried meat treats. Treat your pup with ease knowing you are giving them nothing but the best! Just ask Winston.

We are always evolving and reflecting on how we can provide you with more. Our goal is to provide you with an easy shopping experience where you can find a range of products under one roof well online store.

Lots of wet nose kisses,

Winston & Jade

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