Treats For All Breeds

From lapdogs to large dogs, poodles, pooches and puppies, they all love Winston’s treats

From the Bakery

There are treats for all sizes of dogs and each one of them has the woof of approval from Winston. Our homemade dog treats are handmade with no hidden nasties using only 100% human grade natural ingredients, preservative free and no added sugar. They are baked to order to ensure your pup gets the freshest of treats.

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From the Dehydrator

We know that some dogs just prefer a good ole meaty snack with good crunch! Our dehydrated treats are made using 100% Australian meat sliced thinly for the dehydrator with no nasties.

Dehydrated Kangaroo Treats
Dehydrated Chicken Treats
Dehydrated Beef Liver

See Dried Treats

Sweet Treats & Goodies

From Paddle-Pups to Doughnuts to Pawsonalised Biscuits and Homemade Peanut Butter we are sure you’ll find something delicious, if you’re celebrating a special occasion or finding another excuse to spoil your pup.

Pawsonalised PB Biscuit

Peanut Butter

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Birthday Pawty

If your pup is anything like Winston you’ll know they always want to have a sample of whatever you’re eating and now they can! With doggy friendly birthday cakes, pupcakes and icing your pup’s special day is set.

Coming Soon

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